Integrating your Ikigai: creating more daily moments of feeling alive

11 avril 2023 18h00 21h00

Many people around the world have heard about the Japanese concept of Ikigai (a life worth living) through the famous Venn Diagram (What do you love? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? And what does the world need?). However, this western interpretation doesn’t capture the nuance and the joy to be found in the idea of a reason to live that does not come solely from our work.
This workshop will help you identify your own Ikigai, provide a deeper understanding of its concepts and some simple hints on how to bring more feelings of Ikigai into your day.

British-born, Oxford educated, Tokyo-based Ikigai and Inclusion facilitator and coach, Jennifer Shinkai is the host of “Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai” Podcast and YouTube channel, the founder of Make March Matter: Free Online Community for Business Owners and the writer and illustrator of “Can Giraffes Swim?” and “Gus”.
She loves leading a rich and varied life and wants more people to find more ways to experience Ikigai regardless of where they live or how they spend their days.

Subway: 3 min. walk from Hanzomon Sta.

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